BTField UXO Processing System
A single solution for data acquisition and UXO classification


Your organization may focus on data collection, post-processing, or both.   Regardless of your focus in the UXO process, BTField provides a single, integrated solution that ensures data reliability and quality between your employees and all other organizations involved in the project.  BTField also provides real-time capability for projects requiring immediate UXO detection and classification during data collection.

Data Acquisition
BTField has collected data from a variety of terrestrial and marine EM sensing platforms ranging from 4 to 28 advanced EM receivers.  Four levels of metadata are executed in a multi-threaded parsing interpreter to ensure reliable raw data consumption and consistent disk commits.  During data acquisition, all raw data is mapped to BTField's internal data types in preparation for immediate processing.

Collected data can be processed by automated flows directly on the data acquisition machine, or by any connected BTField client machine.  Surveys can also be exported and imported to non-connected machines.  A single integrated solution ensures data format compatibility between all processing machines. The data acquisition module has already mapped raw data to BTField's internal data types, so there is no need for additional data mapping during post-processing.

Real-time classification
In some applications it is very important to locate and classify UXO during data collection.  For example, many marine applications have this requirement, since simple detection approaches will generate many false alarms that cause costly work stoppages.  In other applications, having real-time capability simply serves as an excellent QC tool in the verification process.